Clay Geerdes was a photographer, journalist, publisher, and an artist in underground comics.  The influence of his work is still around today.  This web site showcases the majority of Clay's photography, newsletters, mini-comix, and biographical information of his life.      

     The Biography area will feature a detailed listing of Clay's life events, personal photos, and audio/video clips.  Some of the photos will include childhood pictures, Navy military tour,  and assorted pictures of family and friends.  The audio clips are mostly from the 1970s-1980s, while the videos originate during the 1990s.  

     The Newsletters category has all of the Comix World / Comix Wave issues listed and arranged by year and title.  Every issue has been reproduced in its entirety along with the date and issue number.  Each issue was printed from a variety of colors, but only one color will be represented in this listing. 

     All of the mini-comix published under Comix World or Comix Wave will be listed in this category. There are examples of some titles in a photo gallery. Many titles and issues were produced in numerous colors. Each title will have the list of known colors indicated with other pertinent information.  

     The Article section lists everything written by Clay that was published in magazines, newsletters, and newspapers along with his published photographs.  The Photography section directs to The Clay Geerdes Archives which has many examples of Clay's work. 

     The Anderson Valley Advertiser section lists all of the articles published by Clay in the newspaper Anderson Valley Advertiser from 1995-1997.  The full articles are revealed in text format for everyone to read.  The full articles Clay did not submit for publication are now released.     


Updated:  January 26, 2019