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Clay's photography spans numerous decades.  The descriptions below highlight different examples of his work.
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Michael Morton and David Miller created The Clay Geerdes Archives showcasing the photography of Clay Geerdes from various parts of his life. Many of the photographs cover historical events such as People's Park in 1969 and the Human Bi-In from 1967. A narrative of the events from Clay's reporting is noted with the photographs.
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Moratorium Rally at Berkeley's Sproul Plaza, Oct 15, 1969.

Paul Krassner & Margo St. James.

Jerry Rubin, Sonoma State College, 1969.

Rip Off Press printing Grim Wit #1 in 1972.

Dave Sheridan at the 1973 Berkeley UG Comix Con.

Dave Sheridan & Fred Schrier with cover to Meef Comix.

Divine, Actor

Mink Stole, Actress

Lady Jane Taylor

Gay Pride Parade, San Francisco, 1976.

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