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This page contains numerous ingredients of Clay's life featured in audio and video.  Other elements from his life will be included here.  Additions to this category will be frequently updated as the material is collected.    

Audio - Various readings from Clay & 1973 radio interview
Video - Small clips of Clay
Early Drawings - Clay's art from age 12
Berkeley Comix Con 1973 Agenda
Berkeley Comix Con 1974 Agenda
Berkeley Comix Con 1976 Agenda
Free Store Flyer from 1976 Berkeley Comix Con
The Funny Paper newsletter 1974
Cancelled Check from Jay Lynch in 1975 to Clay Geerdes
Robert Crumb letter to David Miller concerning Zap Comix
Clay's Business Cards
Friend of Fandom certificate from San Diego Comic Con
Comic Fest 2012 - Clay Geerdes Appreciation Discussion
1951 Phone Listing from Lincoln, NE - shows employment record
Hippie Modernism gallery show from Berkeley Campus 

Here are some audio files of Clay reading some short stories and poems.
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KPFA radio interview in 1973 of Clay Geerdes concerning the Berkeley Comix Convention. Clay's portion starts about 2 minutes into the program. Other interviewees are Bill Griffith, Justin Green, David Geiser, Tom Veitch, Spain Rodriguez, Shelby Sampson, Lee Marrs, Gary Arlington, Denis Kitchen, and Ron Turner.
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There are two short home video clips of Clay's tour through his flower garden for his sister Carol.  It was taken in 1994.
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Clay's early drawings.
These drawings were found in an Alabama estate sale.  The art was for Clay's Aunt Bernice and were drawn in 1947 during a family visit. Mary from Alabama searched the internet on the artist, contacted the website, and sent the drawings. THANK YOU MARY!
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Berkeley Underground Comix Con 1973 Agenga
Here is a copy of the 3-day agenda from April 20-22, 1973.  Pink and Gold copies available for viewing.
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Berkeley Underground Comix Con 1974 Agenga
Here is a copy of the 4-day agenda from April 17-20, 1974.  Gold copy available for viewing.
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Berkeley Underground Comix Con 1976 Agenga/Flyer
Here is a copy of the 3-day agenda from April 30-May 2, 1976 with the flyer
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Free Store Flyer from the Berkeley Underground Comix Con 1976
Here is a copy of the Free Store flyer for their performance on April 30, 1976.
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The Funny Paper Newletter
Clay self-published a newsletter in August 1974 soon after providing a short learning course for teachers about comics and comix.  There were 68 teachers attending with additional classes in the planning stages. Here is issue #1, and the only issue I have been able to locate.
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Cancelled Check from Jay Lynch in 1975
Jay Lynch wrote a check for $20 in partial payment to Clay Geerdes for royalties of photographs in the Best of Bijou Funnies.
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Robert Crumb letter concerning Zap Comix.
This letter was Robert Crumb's response to David Miller asking for
clarification on details from an old article Clay wrote on Zap Comix.
The article was published in The Comics Journal #218 as noted in the
Articles section on this site.
*Robert Crumb and David Miller authorized the exhibition of this 
correspondence between them.
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Clay's Business Cards
The following assorted cards are pictured: Los Angeles Free Press ID Card, Berkeley Barb ID Card, Adam Magazine Press Card, San Diego Comic Con Reporter Badge, and the Domain of Neptunus Rex Card.  This last card is something from Clay's navy tour when sailors cross the international date line.  It is dated February 27, 1957.
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"Friend of Fandom" certificate from San Diego Comic Con
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Comic Fest 2012
This is a youtube of the Clay Geerdes Appreciation discussion with Jim Valentino and Steve Geerdes.  It was held in San Diego on October 19, 2012.
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1951 Phone Listing
This is a page from the 1951 Lincoln Nebraska phone book which also has their employer listed by the name. Clay briefly worked at Gold's Cafeteria at 11th & N Street in Lincoln prior to joining the Navy.
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February 8 - May 21, 2017  Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia exhibition at the UC Berkeley Art Museum & Film Archive. Clay Geerdes photography is a part of the show.

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